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What does the band
consist of?

Dec05 is a five piece band. The line up is as follows... drummer, bass guitarist, lead guitarist, piano/ synthesizer player and acoustic guitarist. Four of the band members either sing or do vocal harmonies.

Do the band use backing
tracks or drum machines?

No , the band’s show is a totally live performance.

How long do the band play for?
Three hours (this includes a short break).

What time does the band
start playing at ?

The band’s approach to this is very flexible. As you know events can run late or they can run ahead of schedule. In order to avoid the worry or trying to figure out what time you need the band to be there, Tom will touch base with the hotel or the event organiser by phone to ensure that the band are on site in plenty of time. Once the stage is cleared the bands road crew will commence setting up the equipment (this normally takes 45 mins).
At that point you can decide what time the music will begin.


Does the band have a
dress code?

If you require a particular dress code for the occasion this will be catered for. Tom will take note of this at the booking stage. In the absence of any particular request the band wear black jeans & black golf T-shirts with the band logo.

What type of music does
the band play?

With a wide variety of musical tastes among the band members themselves the choice is huge. The types of music covered includes
Pop / Rock / Country / Jazz / Waltzes / Soul / Blues / Ska / Disco / and Celtic Irish. Generally anything from the sixties to the present day .

Can the band play at
low volumes?

Absolutely - the band have a sound engineer on site to monitor the volume levels at all times . If you have any preferences Dec05 will be only to willing to oblige.

What about guest performers?
All performers and artists are more than welcome, provided we are notified in advance by the event organiser.

How far do the band travel?

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